What is the Portrait Predictor?

The Portrait Predictor, a DISC tool, that defines the changeable, consciously controlled elements of the personality that can be managed. DISC places everyone into one of four basic quadrants, identified by: red, yellow, blue, and green.

DISC Type Defined

Direct: Independent, assertive, dominant – thrives on challenge
Inspiring: Persuasive, motivating, enthusiastic – thrives on opportunity
Steady: Friendly, sympathetic, patient – thrives on cooperation
Correct: Precise, compliant, calculating – thrives on accuracy

The Portrait Predictor Report includes:

Team Grid – a unique color-coded 20 square visual positioning the various DISC types in relationship with one another.

Click the image to the left to view a larger version of the Team Grid.

3 Graphs – reports behavior patterns, attitude patterns, and overall self-style

Coaching Guide – a coaching tool to assist in fine-tuning your style

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